A leading UK specialist in the design and manufacture of electrical distribution equipment and controlgear for industry

Recent Projects

NT Future

Scope of work: 
Design, manufacture and installation 1600AMP switchboard, Form 4 Type 5 , 50KA for one second, IP31 switchboard.

EMS are currently working  with the National Theatre to provide electrical switchgear for the new £50million NT Future Project. Utilising experience previously gained on projects undertaken on the National Theatre site, EMS are working closely with Shepherd Engineering and consultants Atelier Ten to meet the stringent requirements set for the timely supply, delivery and installation of the electrical switchgear.

SELCHP - New Evaporative Condenser Plant

Scope of work: 
Design, manufacture and installation 4000AMP MCC, Form 4 Type 5 , 80KA for one second, IP31 switchboard

Veolia were the first company in the UK to request an Arc fault protection system within an LV switchboard for their Evaporative Condenser Plant Project. This included a 4000AMP busbar system and various sizes of outgoing motor starters, inverters and soft starts.

EMS were able to supply and install the Modan Arcon system to meet their requirement.

Prosper De Mulder Ltd

Scope of work: 
Design, manufacture and installation 3200AMP switchboard, Form 4 Type 2 , 50KA for one second, IP30 switchboard.

Jenkinson’s provide a wide range of electrical services from electrical design, site installation and maintenance. EMS work closely with their engineers to provide a viable design solution, manufacture and supply of electrical equipment to numerous industrial applications and sites across the UK. Products range from a wall mounted stainless steel isolator to a 4000AMP floor standing switchboard. 

Mill Upgrade

Scope of work: 
Design and manufacture 1600AMP MCC, Form 4 Type 5 , 65KA for one second, IP54 switchboard.

Britain’s largest  independent miller –  ongoing  improvement and upgrades to the Heygates site led to the supply and installation of six new Motor Control Centres as part of a major upgrade to their flour mill facility.

Over the past decade EMS have supplied the Modan system into the Heygates site, the withdrawable starter units provide a high degree of flexibility and personnel safety. 

Leather Assembly Shop Extension Value

Scope of work: 
Design and manufacture 2500AMP switchboard, Form 4 Type 5 , 80KA for one second, IP54 switchboard.

Rolls Royce Motor Cars continue to expand their manufacturing plant in Chichester to meet increased sales demand for their luxurious cars. These changes necessitate additional power to be distributed throughout the site.

EMS supplied extension sections to the existing Modan switchboard system to deal effectively with the additional demand, enabling Rolls Royce to continue using their existing system rather than changing the complete switchboard.